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Scheduling, registration, clinical documentation, inventory, billing, collections, management reporting, and electronic health records all in one solution.


Eliminate inefficiencies and reduce cost in handling your claims with our Claims Management Solution


We tailor custom applications that address your unique business processes using the advanced technologies to produce world class solutions.

The Total Package

Intuitive Global Healthcare Systems is dedicated to providing world-class implementation and support services to all customers. We are with you every step of the way from planning through to implementation.

Complete Service


Intuitive Global Healhcare Systems

With over 20 years experience providing healthcare solutions, Intuitive Global Healthcare System software is trusted worldwide. Today, Intuitive Global Healthcare Systems software helps  Providers, Payers and Stakeholders overcome challenges rising from data volume and administrative activities while delivering peace of mind on how to PROTECT and SHARE clinical and administrative information.


Intuitive Global Healthcare Systems are designed to work with any healthcare organization regardless of size. Intuitive Global Healthcare Systems software are flexible, scalable and provide greater control on how data is managed , now and in the future. Our Hospital Management Software and Claims Management Software is being used in over 100 leading healthcare Payers across the globe.


Intuitive Global Healthcare Systems initiates world-class technology products, in combination with IT and business process services at scale, dramatically simplifying the deployment and adoption of Health technology and improves operations—helping to re-engineer the business of healthcare today, while re imagining it for tomorrow.


Why Choose US

There are lots of benefits to using Intuitive Global Healthcare Systems software. Have a quick look at a few.

Easy to use

Our software makes use of simple designs that tell the user what to do on each screen

Quick Implementation

Quick turn around time from training to implementation

Paperless Operations

All records for records are in electronic form. We encourage saving the trees.

Quick Maintenance and Support

Our Support and Maintenance is done remotely using the Internet. Meaning we can start support as an issue is reported.

Customisable Solutions

Our software is customized to fit your needs

Reduced Ownership Cost

Our software makes use of license FREE Operating Systems and database applications

Integrated System

Software are tightly integrated that leads to productivity improvement and inefficiencies

Multi- center Operations

Single solution deployed in different branches

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